Kanye West Versus Everybody, Lists Litany Of Ongoing Beefs!

What’s Beef?

Several adjectives aptly describe Ye. From benevolent to wrathful, depending on the day, both depictions may absolutely ring true. In fact, it is Kanye West versus everybody. Recently, the esteemed entrepreneur lists a litany of ongoing beefs!

To begin with (on Monday, Feb. 14), a provocative social media post begins to circulate. In fact, an impressive array of both individuals and entities are up for discussion. Ultimately, it seems to eventually snatch the attention of the avant-garde artist.

Immediately, the archive organically increases. For example, the account of those under the ire of Mr. West ranges from Taylor Swift to Kris Jenner. However(on Friday, Feb. 19), the “Ultralight Beam” lyricist proves that he definitely has the time and the agility to address the inquiry.

Although, the cultural icon has since deleted the responsive Instagram post, he seemingly still stands upon his sentiment. So, with BIG and brolic keystrokes, Mr. “On Sight” expounds upon the already impressive archive. Straightaway, Yeezus offers a bold declaration.

For example, Kanye West ensures to include everything from Tik Tok to the Devil. Additionally, the “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” MC also makes mention of Skete Pete Davidson.

Moreover, the lauded lyricist expresses “Can somebody from Chicago let these people know what Skete meant when was growing up[.] It’s up for everybody!!!!!