Lil Wayne Picks His Top Rapper, How Does the MC Reply?

Lil Wayne

The respect is real.

Inspiration is the highest form of human flattery. Recently, a nostalgic interview is bubbling to the surface. So, within this expose, Lil Wayne explains just who he believes is his top rapper. Of course, the gracious lyricist responds to the doting declaration.

Specifically, the admission arises from a 2020 interview with DJ Khaled. Here, the consummate producer picks Weezy F. Baby’s mind. While, hosting his Amazon Music podcast, The First One, the producer elicits the exciting answer. Soon, President Carter speaks and the world is still listening.

Moreover, as the discussion centers on the making of the Hot Boys “Block Burner.” This is when When Tunechi rattles off the reasoning on his initial inspirations, Here, Junior admits, “Missy Elliott, that was my favorite rapper.” Furthermore, he illuminates his insight. Quickly, Automatic Weezy suggests, “because that would be why I was making so many sounds.”

Next, the Hot Boy offers even more context to his commentary. Then, he recalls, “Missy was into the who [purr sound], you know what I mean? All that…’Hehehehow.’ So, when Manny Fresh would get you in the studio, he gon’ remind you, ‘Hey, you need to throw the ‘ha ha,’ in there.'”

Naturally, it is certain that the humbling comments are doubing back to Missy. In truth, Missy Elliott immediately responds to the the adoration. So, the lauded lyricist hops on Twitter. Soon, she shoots out a concise and gracious reply to Dwayne Carter, Jr. Ultimately, the illustrious MC shares, “@LilTunechi has shown me love since my 2nd album I am so humbly grateful.”

In addition, to help signify her perspective she selects both prayerful and loving emojis. Finally, she finishes her tweet by including, “love & respect back to him.”

For these reasons, amongst many others, Lil Wayne shows Missy Elliott unyielding respect.