Lil Wop e-Attacks Gucci Mane, Why Does Twitter Roast Him?

Why is Lil Wop tenderly flinging shots at Gucci Mane?

As a matter of fact, Chicago’s W.E. is working to establish himself a resounding name. In recent past, he leaves his position with the 1017 Eskimos imprint. So, what prompts Lil Wop to launch an e-attack on Gucci Mane? Moreover, what is the rationale behind Twitter starting to roast the Midwest musician?

Although, Gucci is steadily collecting his blessings and minding his business, with his former boss, the emerging entertainer seems to be preoccupied. Moreover, on Monday evening (Feb. 28), the “Lost My Mind” rapper tweets out an interesting message. Indeed, he seems to be tentatively firing off wifi shots.

The Powder Puff Assault.

As a matter of fact, Famous Dex’s cousin sends out the following message. “I’m Not Signed To 1017. I Got Out My Contract With them in 2018,” he boasts. Additionally, he ensures to include, “And I Don’t F### With Gucci Mane He’s A Weirdo!”

To put it differently, several years have gone by since Mr. Ghoul has directly worked with Gucci Mane. With this in mind, he may be finally mustering up the courage to share his true feelings. Generally speaking, it requires immense fearlessness to speak one’s mind and to live one’s truth.

The Swift Clap Back.

By and large, the decision to live with unabashed audacity does not excuse donkey behavior. All in all, Twitter believes that these Lil Wop actions are disrespectful. Of course, it is readily expressing its belief.

Ultimately, Lil Wop is responsible for his actions and his words. With time, hopefully whatever issues he has with Gucci Mane will be amicably resolved.