Looks Like Freddie Gibbs Did Get Beat Up In Buffalo!

Freddie Gibbs has taken his share of lumps and it looks like he just took some more in Buffalo. Look at these images of the rapper and judge how he fared against 20 men in an alleged beat down.

You gotta be extra careful going to the town of the man you beefing with. People talk. And there’s a high probability that somebody is out to get you. For Freddie Gibbs, this seems to be especially true.

We were the first media outlet to have something up on this alleged assault of Freddie Gibbs. Well, now more pictures have emerged on the attack. First of all, Gibbs has spoken out on it and he basically said it was about 20 people. And he continued on with his show later on in the night.

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Also, these new pictures show that he wore a ski mask to partially cover up some of the wounds he incurred. I’m surprise he didn’t wear sunglasses because a lot of the swelling is around his eyes and upper face. It doesn’t look like anybody broke skin or anything.

Check the pics below:

Also, Gibbs outright refuted that his chain was stolen. He did seem to produce some evidence that he still had it. I mean, I just wish these guys would stop with the madness. It just is counterproductive out here.


By the way, Benny the Butcher was not a participant in this beat down, at least according to sources. Most people that I have seen talk about this online, have said that he was completely out of town at the time this all happened. This has led to speculation that it was his Black Soprano Family that actually did the deed. There’s no confirmation on that at all, but that is just what people are saying.

People that don’t like Freddie Gibbs are now making jokes. And then there are others that are saying that his wounds are pretty minor for someone that may have been “stomped out” or was just fighting 20 people.

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