RAPPERS! The IRS Probably Has A Hip-Hop Task Force Looking At You At All Times!

Lil Wayne make it rain video with Fat Joe

The IRS likely has a Hip-Hop task force!

The IRS ((Internal Revenue Service) has a task force similar to old New York and the Hip Hop police, according to sources. Remember back in the day, when 50 Cent and G-Unit were very, very hot, and the Hip-Hop cops were all over the place? If you don’t then you’re probably under 30 years old but those of us that know, know.

We love you so I got some insider information that the IRS is constantly looking at rap artists’ social media to estimate how much money they are making. They also study where rappers go all over the world. When they tour, there are ways to reasonably estimate how much money they make per show. So the IRS is constantly looking and observing and estimating roughly what a rapper makes so that when they report back their earnings, it better be realistic. Also, if you are holding the money phone to your head or laying out large sums of money and bragging to ordinary people how much money you make, remember you are also putting that on display for the alleged IRS Hip-Hop Task Force.

Now those who don’t know how the IRS gets down need to look no further than Donald Trump. Because when you are wealthy and have millions to spend in accountants and lawyers, you are able to successfully and probably legally evade taxes. But rappers don’t do that, nor do they hold the investment and real estate portfolio that the president has so you are likely to be food for the IRS if you aren’t smart. My source said Trump will die, literally, before they have time to comb through all of the paperwork associated with his billions.

On top of that, we have seen rappers like DMX actually go to jail on some tax sh*t for much less, you know. DMX doesn’t flaunt wealth or anything like that on the Internet, but the IRS certainly was on top of it when he violated the law. Snd he served some time because of it. And historically there have been numerous other examples of the IRS taking people stuff until they were broken. Don’t be a fool take it from your boy illseed, the IRS is coming for you! Take the money from your ear! Don’t get audited!