Styles P Goes Off On Hassan Campbell

Styles P is not one of these guys that talks about it, but is not about it. He tangles with Hassan Campbell over the merits of doing and talking.

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I always knew Styles P was special, because he made it clear from the jump he was a gangster and a gentleman. After that, I knew that he was going to be one of the goats. However, I did not realize that he was going to be one of the goats in this manner.

What do I mean? I mean Styles P has evolved into one of the smartest, most business-minded, and progressive rappers in Hip-Hop. He has several juice bars in New York City, lives a plant-based life, and still manages to keep it 100.

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The Diplomats and The Lox are prepping their Verzuz battle at Madison Square Garden soon. But Styles P had a little bit of time for Hassan Campbell, the master blogger and alleged victim of Afrika Bambaataa that has everybody chit-chattering. He made reference to Styles P in one of his YouTube posts, which are extremely popular. In that post he made reference to Styles in a derogatory manner (I did not bother to look) and the former Bad Boy clapped back in a major way. We all heard the clap back! And he basically said that, from the comforts of his home, the blogger was misleading youth. Now Hassan Campbell comes from a pretty thorough pedigree in the streets, as far as I can tell. However he doesn’t seem to venture far from the home, as far as I can tell. Again, I am not even in New York City to know better, but he sure does talk a lot. And that seems to be the crux of Styles’s issue with him. Styles ran down his résumé of positivity in the community and then compared to Hassan‘s résumé of talking about the positivity. He also made mention that Hassan often times seems to glamorize his past of jail time, instead of encouraging kids to “nerd up.“

Nevertheless, a lot of people felt what Styles was saying and reposted it over and over and over. Until it got to me.

Now it is your turn to check it out and let me know what you think in the comments!