Throw Dem Bows: LeBron James Ejected From Little Caesars Arena!

LeBron James

LeBron James’ and Isaiah Stewart’s embolden antics manifest malice at the Palace.

From box out free throws, to LeBron James raining down bloody blows, the Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons get down!

King James’ adrenaline-drenched athleticism has led to the king’s ejection from Little Caesars Arena. Upon a third-quarter, successful Jerami Grant free throw, the Los Angeles Lakers trailed the Detroit Pistons 78-66. During this ongoing rivalry things quickly turned into a tumultuous one-on-one bout between James and Stewart.

Although, Grant sunk his shot, all eyes were soon glued elsewhere. As players jostled for position, Stewart, emerged with blood profusely gushing from his eye. Was this an intended malicious move or merely passionate play?

Besides the signature flopping, LeBron James, is widely considered to be amongst the greatest NBA players. So, his character is bolstered by his prowess. This is only the second time, in ‘Bron’s illustrious career that he has been ejected from a game.  

Regardless, of LeBron’s public and professional persona, Stewart was not having it. After, the unprovoked altercation, Isaiah attempted to physically address LeBron. It got way past talking. Eventually, both were tossed out of the arena.

LeBron James’ antics, earned him the distinction of the Flagrant 2 foul, resulting in his ejection this according to CBS Sports. While the loose ball foul, followed by the two subsequent technical fouls lead to Stewart’s dismissal.  Even amid the King’s absence, the Lakers proved victorious in toppling the Pistons, in a 121-116 defeat.

Is a LeBron James suspension imminent? Damn, Damn, Damn, James!