Toosii Isn’t A Fan Of Women “Tossing Salad” & Thinks You Shouldn’t Be Either


Thanks to Toosii, we got a free episode of “The Boondocks” on Twitter.

Yes, Toosii just used a reference from Aaron McGruder’s classic animated series “The Boondocks” to describe his disgust with the latest kink trend for men in the bedroom.

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the series, several of the series episodes follows the misadventures of loudmouth rapper Otis Jenkins (“Thugnificent”) and his Hip-Hop entourage, the Lethal Interjection Crew. Among the insane stories portrayed in Thugnificent’s character arc is the unfolding of his tumultuous romantic involvement with Gangstalicious.

Given the aforementioned information, it seems as though Toosii has interwoven the story characters to describe what he feels is an abomination for males of this generation. Point blank period, Toosii is in belief that women don’t belong anywhere near a man’s behind. As a result, he has seemingly created a character moniker, clearly inspired by “The Boondocks” universe to describe the perpetrators of said back-end f#######.

“Letting a b#### eat ya a## is crazy you n####s is freaknificent” Toosii tweeted.

Despite whether the “Love Cycle” rapper is peddling his own opinion or not, he may have reminded us of how potent and relevant McGruder’s storytelling in the series was. We can’t forget how Thugnificent and Gangstalicious, who were considered to be two of the most brash and hard-nosed rap artists of their generation, were exposed for being closeted lovers. Just like we’re likely never going to forget that Trick Daddy revealed he often likes to get a salad tossed back in 2021.

What do y’all think? Does bro have a point? Could Trick Daddy have been the archetype for Freaknificent?