Tory Lanez Disses Eazy-E, Praises Lil Wayne?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Tory Lanez is certainly no stranger to controversy!

The expressive rapper/singer is clearly no stranger to throwing jabs, shots, subliminal disses, and sometimes just flat out stating his opinion.

With the recent controversy of Kodak Black claiming he’s the best rapper alive over Lil Wayne, Tory decided to take to Twitter to let the kids know, that in his opinion, Lil Wayne will die the best rapper of his time and era.

“LIL WAYNE WILL DIE THE BEST RAPPER OF HIS TIME and ERA … n-ggas gotta stop the bullsh-t and give the man his credit,” tweeted Tory.

While fans decided to reply with responses about whether or not they also agreed, some fans also took time out to bring up the fact that Tory Lanez took a jab at the late rapper Eazy-E a few months ago on his “Super Freaky” track that also features Rick Ross, as the track has recently been getting more love.

“Magnums on me, I ain’t going out like Eazy,” rapped Lanez.

Apparently fans felt it was an insensitive line rather than a bar since Eazy-E died of AIDS.

While one can appreciate his promotion of sex safe, it would’ve been better to leave Eazy’s name and death out of it.

Tory and that mouth; I swear. LOL.

Anyway, do you agree with Tory on Wayne being the best rapper alive, and dying the best rapper?