Has Turk Squashed The One-Sided Beef Between Kodak Black & Lil Wayne?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Look at Turk doing some good!

Kodak Black certainly got people talking when he declared that he was the best rapper alive over Lil Wayne.

While many of us wondered what drug of choice was he on that week, a lot of others took it as serious disrespect.

Kodak may have been bothered by one of Lil Wayne’s interviews where Weezy said he didn’t know who he was along with a lot of these other trash rappers.

Well Tunechi was immediately backed by fellow former Hot Boys member Turk. Turk addressed Kodak’s claims by saying,

“I f-ck with Kodak Black, but come on man, y’all already know. Ain’t no n-gga f-cking with Wayne when it comes to this motherf-cking pen game…….[Wayne’s] going down as the greatest.”

Now Turk has called up Kodak Black to address the comments.

Turk let Kodak Black know that Wayne doesn’t have a problem with Kodak and that Wayne would probably f-ck with him if he actually got to meet him. Turk reiterated the point that Lil Wayne allegedly is in his own world and that he really doesn’t “be knowing” about a lot of things that are going on.

Okay well now I need to hear a public apology from Kodak because he was tripping.