Somebody’s Mad At Jay-Z?

The Super Bowl has people p##### off and Uncle Luke is one of them!

(AllHipHop Rumors) First of all, what happened to the alleged BOYCOTT that was carrying on with the NFL. Jay-Z should not have stopped the boycott against the NFL, particularly if the outstanding issues have not been resolved. But, it seems like we have another issue. J. Lo and Shakira, a pair of Latinas are anchoring the halftime show for the Super Bowl. Since it is in Miami, Uncle Luke has some say in the matter. He’s like the mayor with all of his history with the 2 Live Crew.

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Now, he didn’t really call out Jay-Z, but we all know where this road leads. Now, I personally don’t have an issue with Shakira or J. Lo. There are a ton of Brown people in Miami and both of them have international appeal.  AND they have great performances. Are they Flo Ridah, Trina or Trick Daddy – NO! But, I think they will have some sort of twist the closer we get to the big game. I mean, they gotta woo the Blacks all the way back, right? Some people are still not watching the League. 

Thoughts? By the way, any word on Kap getting a job back?