Will Uncle Luke Run For Governor Of Florida?

Uncle Luke

Uncle Luke may be running for a political office in Florida!

Can Uncle Luke run for governor of Florida and win? That is the big question being asked all over the political sphere now. OK maybe not so much the entire political sphere, but a lot of people are asking the question. Right now, Florida is in a state of chaos! COVID-19 rates are off the charts, there seems to be no regulation in place and politically people have always given Florida the side-eye. Dare I start a list? I don’t know if the guy that coined the phrase “don’t stop / get it, get it…Let me see you doo-doo brown! “ is going to change that, but he stands a better chance than these other clowns! Can Uncle Luke of the infamous 2 Live Crew run for governor?!?

Uncle Luke made the startling claim on his IG live and asked the question: “Should I run for governor of Florida?” As you already know people that follow you on social media tend to be fans and supporters. So needless to say, everybody said he should run. Honestly? I don’t even have a problem with it. I think that Florida has been wrong on so many issues that Luke could actually do a better job than the current politicians. He also is much smarter than people give him credit for, in all reality. A true man of the people should grab the wheel and that is Uncle Luke! So I am looking forward to seeing what Unc brings to the table in the future, as it seems like our country descends into chaos, confusion, and evil!

What do you think about this?

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