Who Gifted Drake Custom Bling Saluting His Business & Son?


Kiss the ring.

As of late, Drake is experiencing life to its fullest. In fact, for his strategic Super Bowl LVI wagering he immediately receives a handsome harvest. With all things considered, it seems as though Drizzy is attracting the exact energy that he continues to exude. Be that as it may, just who gifts him custom bling which salutes his business and his son?

As a matter of fact, the personalized piece exudes unadulterated luxury. Of course, only pristine diamonds and gleaming gold constitutes its sumptuousness. So, celebrated gemologist, Alex Moss, — responsible for commissioning the trinket for Aub — reveals to TMZ, all the details.

The Gift


To begin with, the ostentatious trinket boasts 14 karat gold. Moreover, its 15.7 carats of VVS D-F natural diamonds flood the vision of anyone who looks directly into their brilliance. Additionally, Heartbreak Drake requests to to incorporate the number 11. Also, into its design, the OVO imprint is obviously implemented.

In particular, this substantial statement-piece weighs an impressive 83 grams. Overall, the ring costs a whopping $77,000. However, since it is actually a gift for the “In The Bible” lyricist, that price tag does not concern him. So, just who purchased the benevolent gift?


Indeed, it is a well known fact that the relationship between Champagne Papi and Odell Beckham, Jr is solid. After all, for the L.A. Rams Victory, the “Knife Talk” MC pens custom creativity. Via, his Instagram page, Canada’s most precious export gives an authentic shout out the accomplished Wide Receiver.

Given that, back on November 11, of last year, news broke of Beckham’s trade from the Browns to the Rams. Truly, this is an interesting tidbit of information. Then, could OBJ be the one to gift the “Toosie Slide” rapper?


Although, the “6 God” artist and Odell are bros, Beckham did not purchase the ring. Furthermore, the specially-made ring required over two months of diligent work. Hopefully, Drake appreciates its craftsmanship.

In all actuality, the offering comes to the “Marvins Room” MC by way of Canadian, restauranteur Kai Bent-Lee. His father, is acclaimed celebrity chef, Susur Lee. To boot, the number 11 is literally an allusion to Drake’s son, Adonis. His birthday happens to be on October 11, 2017.

Truly, it must be nice to have that type of friend.