Young Jeezy Disses 50 Cent And Young Jeezy! Gibbs Replies With Daggers!

Jeezy 50 Cent

Jeezy claps at 50 Cent & Freddie Gibbs, but Gibbs clap back has him trending!

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The beef between Freddy Gibbs and Young Jeezy continues. I am not going to rehash everything about these two but I am going to just say that you know Jeezy signed Gibbs back in the day. It didn’t work out and now they have been beefing ever since.

I don’t know why these two grown men are still at odds but geez he said it back off with a new song from the upcoming album The Recession 2. By the way, this new album drops this Friday from G-Eazy. Anyway, Jeezy says Freddie gauge was not Gangsta.

I guess this is a good way for Jeezy to get publicity for the new album because I didn’t even know it was coming until this moment. Freddy Gibbs has taken shot after shot at Jeezy on songs and I don’t know the Jeezy has responded. Nevertheless, there’s a twist, he also disses 50 Cent on the same song. That makes it a bit more interesting so I guess I need to go in research what was going on between those two. But with $.50 going on and on on Instagram, it could be anything.

Gibbs clap back has him trending!

By the way, Lil Wayne is facing 10 years in jail! I hope that endorsement of Donald Trump was worth it! Had to say it!

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