Kangol Kid Talks About His Legendary Career, “The Roxanne Wars,” And UTFO’s Break Up

Kangol Kid

Kangol Kid of UTFO checks in on The Library with Tim to talk about the origins of UTFO, how the classic “Roxanne, Roxanne” was made and the demise of the legendary rap group!

The Library’s Tim Einenkel and AllHipHop.com co-founder Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur sit down with Hip-Hop pioneer Kangol Kid of UTFO. Kangol Kid discusses how he became one of the first dancers for the rap group Whodini, how UTFO came to be and reveals the stories behind the classic, “Roxanne, Roxanne” and “The Roxanne Wars.”

Kangol also speaks on becoming the first product endorsed artist and how he wasn’t financially compensated after his hard work. Kangol Kid also explains why UTFO never reunited – even after the passing of Educated Rapper. Plus he shares stories about the late, great Ecstasy of Whodini and updates us about his health.