Why Ice Cube Has That Massive Beard!

Ice Cube

Ice Cube’s beard is a legendary figure and now we know why.

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One thing I have noticed with all of the interviews that Ice Cube has been doing is that he has been growing this massive beard. I have not been able to figure out why one of the best rappers out of the West Coast and beyond has this incredible beard. It makes him look even more intimidating than he normally looks. Now, if he put on a Santa suit he would look like a grumpy ol’ Saint Nick.


Well, I found out the answer today! Ice Cube is working on a new movie that begins filming in the next couple of days and the role requires him to have this burly beard. That’s pretty much that! Ice Cube continues to push his Contract With Black America in various media outlets.


Time for that AHH chat! But on a different note, it seems like Cube is getting back to his normal business which is Rap and Entertainment. A conversation with Lord Jamar, Godfrey and Rah Digga was really dope! I mean, the politics and Trump talk was really a dead horse to me personally, but once they got into the hip-hop conversation, that was really dope. At any rate, it was nice to hear Ice Cube talking about things that we know him for. That is not to dismiss What he is doing in politics but just to say that politics is something we fight over and Hip-Hop is something we fawn over! You love my wordplay!