Controversial YouTube Personality Hassan Campbell Allegedly Shot While Livestreaming

Controversial YouTube personality and one of Afrika Bambaataa’s alleged sexual assault victims Hassan “Poppy” Campbell says he was shot on Sunday (November 19) while livestreaming in the Bronx. In a video posted to his YouTube, channel, Campbell begins talking about the bombshell rape and physical assault lawsuit Cassie Ventura filed against Diddy last week. The subsequent settlement seems to be the catalyst for Campbell’s ensuing rant about his own situation. He also gives out his exact location just minutes before he’s ambushed.

“This ain’t gonna go viral,” he says. “They gonna keep this s### real small ’cause don’t nobody give a f### about the kids in the hood getting f###ed. I don’t want to be in the industry. I don’t like the industry. I totally disrespect the industry … it is what it is. Ain’t nobody going to make me go nowhere. What is you all telling me? My life and my pain wasn’t worth nothing? Everything I went through as a child, everything I went through wasn’t worth nothing? That’s what y’all telling me?”

He then starts screaming in public, “My story wasn’t worth s###? I ain’t ask for no money! I asked for street justice and couldn’t even get that! I swear to god, you better not say nothin’ to me! Everybody! I’m talking to all y’all.”

Campbell continues to challenge anyone watching to fight him, shouting, “I won’t back down from nobody! […] I dare you n#####!” And supposedly, somebody took him up on the challenge. Around the 25-minute mark, the scene switches to inside a vehicle and another man continuing to film Campbell who says, “I need to get to the hospital quick. I need to go to the hospital, I’m shot, son.”

The man on the other side of the camera asks him to pull over so he can get him an ambulance and the clip cuts off. In an update provided on the YouTube page, it turns out Campbell is expected to make a full recovery. It reads: “Hassan is going into surgery and will be okay, so far no fatal wounds but YES he was in fact shot.”

Campbell went public with his allegations against Bambaataa in 2016, telling the New York Daily News, “He is a pervert… He likes little boys.” He claimed Bambaataa abused him “numerous times” when he was just 12 and 13 years old, something he addresses in the clip. Watch it above.

Diddy Lawsuit Dredges Up Al B. Sure’s Claim Kim Porter Was Murdered

Diddy was sued by former girlfriend Cassie Ventura in a Manhattan federal court on Thursday (November 16) and the former couple settled less than 24 hours later. The bombshell allegations and swift resolution has been the talk of social media since the news initially broke. Diddy has left a series of women in his wake—from Jennifer Lopez and Cassie Ventura to Kim Porter and stylists Misa Hylton. Some relationships were more significant than others and  at least two of them produced children.

All the chatter has dredged up a claim Porter’s ex and father of her son Quincy, Al B. Sure, made in 2020, nearly two years after Porter died from lobar pneumonia. As he wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post, “The morning of the @soultrainawards @BET pre production @jessecollinsent #AlBeez around the [world] I just found this footage from the morning I learned of @LadyKP’s aka #KimPorters murder and how it ripped the soul from my physical body. I was on my way to film the pre show packages for the #BETAwards with @tishacampbellmartin & @tichinaarnold when I receive a call from PR icon #QueenieDonaldson asking me if I was ok and did I hear the news.

“I had no clue. I do know very clearly that #Kimberly didn’t just check out all of a sudden over neumonía. That’s some b########. Really? This is where I get in trouble. We just celebrated our son @Quincy’s new deal and Christmas special with @Netflix, and she was in fantastic health as well laughing seeing me and @Diddy’s mutual exchange at the theater. I’m going to leave it here.”

Al B. Sure never explained what led him to that conclusion, but the court of public opinion has its theories. As someone tweeted, “But when Al B sure was saying something happened to Kim porter nobody wanted to listen then he got sick suddenly… y’all should’ve listened…. They rekindled before she passed.”

Another pointed out, “Kim Porter was writing a tell all book then magically died and computer misplaced, Al B sure got violently sick after blaming her death on Diddy and then Kid Cudi’s car got blown up for dating Cassie when they broke up but y’all saying ‘why is she just now speaking up.'”

Yet another added, “Al B. Sure was saying it and then he mysteriously had a stroke.”

Kim Porter went into cardiac arrest at her Los Angeles home in November 2018 after battling pneumonia. The coroner later confirmed Porter had succumbed to lobar pneumonia, an inflammation of an entire lobe of the lungs. During Porter’s private funeral in her hometown of Columbus, Georgia, Diddy said, “God broke the mold when he made Kim. There was truly no other woman like her.”

In a joint statement, Diddy and Porter’s families added, “Although her time here on earth was far too short, she lived a life full of purpose and meaning. She was a loving mother and devoted friend. She was the epitome of kindness and grace. There wasn’t a person she met [whose] soul she did not touch. Kim was the type of woman who changed lives for the better.”

Not long after Al. B Sure made the allegation, Diddy returned to Instagram to post about Porter. He wrote: “Cherish what you have. Love on them. Kiss on them. Hug on them. Spoil them. Listen to them. Because tomorrow is not promised.”

Ventura’s lawsuit painted a drastically different portrait of Diddy, accusing him of rape, physical abuse, forcing her to have sex with male prostitutes and blowing up Kid Cudi’s car after he learned they were dating. Now people are wondering if Al. B Sure was on to something all along. As for Al B. Sure, his health journey has been incredibly rough. On Friday (November 17), he reflected on the horrors he faced in 2022 in a somewhat cryptic Instagram post.

“I don’t know where to start, or if you’re truly ready to hear from me yet,” he wrote. “You’ve witnessed only a small portion of my journey. My faith has been shaken but never shook; and my humble spirit of discernment has taught me the definition of what ‘sacrifice in silence’ truly means. Just know that We forgive you but never to forget. Including all who assisted along the way.”

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Leslie Jones Says What Every Outkast Fan Is Thinking After André 3000 Drops Woodwind Album

Saturday Night Live alum Leslie Jones had a lot to say on the topic of André 3000’s new instrumental album, New Blue Sun. The comedic actress, who’s now host of The Daily Show, went ballistic on Thursday’s (November 16) episode after learning the legendary Outkast MC wouldn’t be rapping on his debut solo project.

Co-host Jordan Klepper began the segment saying, “You know, this is a beautiful, fascinating experiment in—” Jones screamed, “No! No it’s not!” She continued, “I’ve got to say something. This man is one of the greatest rappers of all time. We have been waiting 17 years for this m########### to release a new album. And it’s all flute? I’m going to kill somebody. This is how you know white people are winning. Y’all done turned André 3000 into Jethro Tull!”

Klepper disagreed, calling it a “brave” move by André 3000. Jones fired back, “Yeah it’s brave. ‘Cause if you play that s### in the hood, you gon’ get your a## beat!”



André 3000’s new flute album is driving a wedge between @Leslie Jones and Jordan Klepper #DailyShow #Andre3000 #flute

♬ original sound – The Daily Show

André 3000 described New Blue Sun as “an entirely instrumental album centered around woodwinds; a celebratory piece of work in the form of a living, breathing, aural organism.” He addressed the inevitable backlash with the title of the first song: “I Swear, I Really Wanted To Make A ‘Rap’ Album But This Is Literally The Way The Wind Blew Me This Time.”

Reactions to the project have been mixed. The musicians, fellow artists and Hip-Hop producers (including Pete Rock) have embraced the 87-minute woodwind project, but Outkast fans have been up in arms, bemoaning the fact they didn’t get to hear Three Stacks’ voice for even a split second.

“Now im a producer, and what i hear on this album is amazing,” Rock wrote on Instagram. “Some of y’all ears been lost but as a producer what i hear? Sounds INCREDIBLE!!! Sometimes embracing a different side of a person isn’t a bad thing. In this business when you been doing the same thing forever you can get tired of it and wanna go left, nothing wrong with that. We all need that support sometimes.

“We had jazz musicians put albums out like this, why not except when 3 stacks do it? I mean i hear amazing samples on this album. BEATS!!! I listen to his last raps on that kanye joint all the time. One of the souths greatest MC’s. But i copped this album and im listening to it and you know what? I like it do far. Congratulations on this new journey and i believe real musicians will like this.”


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Other people weren’t so sure. The jokes were plentiful on Twitter and many echoed Jones’s sentiments. But no matter how one feels about André 3000, there seems to be one thing we can collectively agree on—he’s doing him, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As he explained to GQ, “I’ve worked with some of the newest, freshest, youngest, and old-school producers. I get beats all the time. I try to write all the time.” But rap is not what comes. “Even now people think, Oh, man, he’s just sitting on raps, or he’s just holding these raps hostage.

“I ain’t got no raps like that. It actually feels…sometimes it feels inauthentic for me to rap because I don’t have anything to talk about in that way. I’m 48 years old. And not to say that age is a thing that dictates what you rap about, but in a way it does. And things that happen in my life, like, what are you talking about? ‘I got to go get a colonoscopy.’ What are you rapping about? ‘My eyesight is going bad.’ You can find cool ways to say it, but…”

R&B Icon Patti LaBelle Praises Cardi B: “She’s A Beautiful Spirit… She’s The Baby Patti”

This year has produced an unexpected crossover involving R&B legend Patti LaBelle and Hip-Hop superstar Cardi B. The two artists/entrepreneurs teamed up for a Good Life/Whipshots collaboration.

A new holiday-themed campaign involving LaBelle’s Good Life-branded pies and Cardi B’s vodka-infused whipped cream Whipshots rolled out earlier this month.

LaBelle stopped by The Tamron Hall Show to promote her business partnership with the “WAP” hitmaker. At one point, Tamron Hall asked the Godmother of Soul about Cardi.

“I’ve always wanted to meet her, and when I met her she said, ‘I’m just so excited to meet you,’” Patti LaBelle told Hall on the daytime talk show. LaBelle also added, “She’s not a diva. She’s a beautiful spirit.”

Tamron Hall then gave the same compliment to Patti LaBelle by claiming the legend has the same non-diva vibe. The former lead singer of the Labelle girl group said, “She’s the Baby Patti. Cardi is the Baby Patti.”

Cardi and Patti are also promoting their Good Life/Whipshots campaign by presenting a digital series. The seven-episode, sitcom-style videos began with the viral “The Hug” episode on November 9.

Patti LaBelle won two Grammy Awards and multiple Lifetime Achievement Awards. Fellow Grammy-winner Cardi B has broken several records for female rappers, including having the most No. 1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Drake Has A Big Night At 2023 Billboard Music Awards

The winners of the 2023 Billboard Music Awards were revealed on Sunday (November 19). Hip-Hop recording artist Drake prevailed multiple times.

Drake earned five Billboard Music Awards this year. The For All the Dogs album creator scored solo victories in the Top Rap Artist, Top Rap Male Artist and Top Rap Touring Artist categories.

In addition, the Canadian performer won Billboard Music Awards for Top Rap Album (Her Loss with 21 Savage) and Top Rap Song (“Rich Flex” with 21 Savage).

Pop star Taylor Swift also had a successful night. Swift gained ten more Billboard Music Awards, bringing her career total to 39. She now ties Drake for the most BBMA wins of all time.

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Country singer Morgan Wallen took home the most trophies in 2023. Wallen racked up eleven wins, including Top Male Artist, Top Hot 100 Artist and Top Billboard 200 Album.

Additionally, other Hip-Hop representatives besides Drake added Billboard Music Awards to their respective collections of industry honors. Top Rap Female Artist went to Nicki Minaj. 21 Savage got three wins.

Latto and Metro Boomin received their first BBMAs. Latto won Top Global K-Pop Song as a feature on “Seven” by Jungkook. Metro, along with 21 Savage and The Weeknd, won Top Collaboration for “Creepin’.”

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Chris Brown Continues Top 10 Album Chart Streak With “11:11”

R&B crooner Chris Brown defied the early chart placement expectations for his latest studio LP. Last week, it appeared the 11:11 album would end the singer’s nearly twenty year streak.

Industry forecasters projected that 11:11 would debut with close to 40,000 first-week units. That suspected total seemed to be low enough for Chris Brown to miss out on the Top 10 region for his new project.

11:11 actually earned 45,000 equivalent album units in its first week of release. The 22-track body of work opened at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 chart right above Zach Bryan’s self-titled album which slipped two spots to No. 10.

Chris Brown now has eleven Top 10-charting solo projects. 2022’s Breezy peaked at No. 4 by debuting with 72,000 first-week units. The Virginia-bred entertainer presently has three career Number Ones in his catalog.

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F.A.M.E. became Brown’s first Billboard 200 chart-topper in 2011. He also led the weekly rankings of the most popular albums in America with 2012’s Fortune and 2019’s Indigo. His 2005 eponymous debut studio LP peaked at No. 2.

The Fan of a Fan: The Album joint project with California-based rapper Tyga made it to No. 7 in 2015. Five years later, Brown also joined forces with Georgia-bred rapper Young Thug for the No. 24-peaking Slime & B.

For 11:11, Chris Brown secured guest appearances by Maeta, Byron Messia, Future, Fridayy, Davido and Lojay. The 68-minute, double LP hosts the Grammy-nominated “Summer Too Hot” single. That song is up for Best R&B Performance.

Polo G’s Brother Trench Baby Reportedly Faces Felony Murder Charges

Taurus “Polo G” Bartlett has had his issues with the law. Apparently, his brother, Taurean “Trench Baby” Bartlett, now faces possible prison time.

TMZ reports Los Angeles-area law enforcement charged Taurean Bartlett with the felony murder of 20-year-old Dashaun Berry. According to the outlet, Berry died from a drive-by shooting in North Hollywood on June 10.

In addition, Trench Baby reportedly faces a charge of first-degree residential robbery for an alleged incident involving Dashaun Berry on August 15. Polo G’s younger sibling was also reportedly charged with dissuading a witness by force or threat.

Police detained Trench Baby and Polo G in August following a search of the latter’s Chatsworth, California residence. Trench Baby was released after posting $100,000 bail. Polo exited custody on his own recognizance.

“The incident surrounded someone staying in Polo’s home and not Polo directly,” the rapper’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, stated at the time. “The officers have detained Polo to ‘verify’ that he is not a convicted felon, as they assert a firearm was found in the home. It is widely known that Polo is not a convicted felon and never was a convicted felon.”

Back in 2021, Polo G faced felony battery of an officer, felony threatening a public servant and misdemeanor charges in Miami. Those charges against the Hood Poet album creator eventually got dropped.

“I personally got all his charges in Miami dismissed when he was in our opinion wrongfully arrested and charged. They have refused to allow us access to our client which is also an illegal and unethical practice and someone will have to answer for these new wrongful actions,” Cohen added in August.

Jay-Z’s Team Roc Amplifies Fight For Transparency In Kansas City Police Department

Jay-Z’s Team Roc has intensified its pursuit of justice and transparency in the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department (KCKPD). 

In partnership with the Midwest Innocence Project, Team Roc has filed a request under the Kansas Open Records Act for access to documents related to the KCKPD. Their focus is on complaints, internal investigations, and disciplinary actions against members of the KCKPD’s investigative division. 

This initiative also includes seeking documents related to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) or FBI investigations into the department, explicitly involving former KCK Police Chief Terry Zeigler and former detective Roger Golubski. 

Golubski faces serious federal charges, including abuse of power and conspiring in a sex-trafficking operation involving underage girls.

This action follows Team Roc’s rally last year in Kansas City, Kansas, which called for a U.S. Justice Department investigation into the KCKPD. Other groups, including MORE2, have echoed this call, arguing that misconduct in the department is widespread. 

Despite Wyandotte County designating funds to digitize nearly 70 years of criminal court case files after Team Roc’s rally, the group contends there has been a lack of transparency and updates from the local government. 

Previously, Team Roc had taken significant steps to bring attention to the alleged corruption within the KCKPD. 

They contacted U.S. Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta, released a public service announcement on Roc Nation’s YouTube channel featuring victims’ families, and started a Change.org petition for a Justice Department investigation. 

Additionally, Team Roc and the Midwest Innocence Project had issued a second letter to Gupta.

Team Roc’s legal actions against the KCKPD started with a lawsuit filed for access to records, including those related to the training and supervision of KCKPD officers. 

The lawsuit highlights several incidents of alleged police misconduct and discrimination, including sex crimes involving a minor and mistreatment of an inmate. 

Team Roc’s attorney, Alex Spiro, stated that the lawsuit aims to uncover the extent of the problem and any evidence of a cover-up. This initiative seeks to ensure that complaints against the KCKPD are taken seriously and that there is adequate oversight and supervision.

Nicki Minaj Triumphs With First Top Female Rapper Win At 2023 Billboard Music Awards

Nicki Minaj marked another milestone in her illustrious career after winning her first Top Female Rap Artist at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards in Culver City, California. 

She beat out Doja Cat and Ice Spice to take home the prize. Nicki’s latest win adds to her collection of Billboard Music Awards, giving her five Billboard Awards and her first in the Top Female Rap Artist category.

Nicki Minaj, who couldn’t attend the ceremony in person, delivered her acceptance speech via a pre-recorded video, ensuring her presence was felt despite her physical absence.

In her speech, Minaj expressed heartfelt gratitude, highlighting the significance of this award in her journey. She thanked her fans, affectionately known as “Barbz,” for their unwavering support, emphasizing their role in her success. 

“Barbz, you are amazing. I appreciate you so much and I can’t wait to share Pink Friday 2 with you on my birthday,” Nicki Minaj said before blowing her fans a huge kiss. 

Nicki Minaj had a breakout in 2023. She released top singles like “Princess Diana” with Ice Spice and “Barbie World,” which also featured Ice Spice. Nicki plans to release her fifth studio album Pink Friday 2, on December 8. 

Nicki’s Young Money Records brethren Drake has already racked up numerous awards, including Top Rap Touring Artist, Top Male Rap Artist, and Top Rap Artist.

Other winners include SZA, The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, Karol G, Burna Boy, and Beyonce. 

Agallah Makes A Heavy Run-Back With New Songs With Kool G Rap, Pete Rock And A New Name

In the ever-evolving landscape of Hip-Hop, certain artists emerge as trail blazers who transcend time and trends. Agallah Don Bishop is one such figure. With a career spanning decades, Agallah has left an indelible mark on the East Coast rap scene, not only as a prolific rapper but also as a revered producer. Get more familiar with The Don.

Agallah’s journey into Hip-Hop began in the gritty streets of Brownsville, Brooklyn. His real name might not ring a bell for everybody instantly, but his stage names have become synonymous with authentic, gritty, hard-hitting East Coast Hip-Hop. Agallah initially stepped into the limelight as 8-Off the Assassin and then during his time with the Diplomats, or Dipset. This early association exposed him to different aspects of Hip-Hop and set the stage for a long run in the marathon of music.

One of Agallah’s most significant contributions to Hip-Hop lies in his production. He crafted beats that were the sonic embodiment of the New York City streets, characterized by their raw and gritty nature. His signature sound could be heard on tracks for Hip-Hop heavyweights like Busta Rhymes, Guru, Remy Ma, Sean Price and countless others. Agallah’s production style was a testament to his talent, over and over.

Agallah’s career has been reborn numerous times. Over the years, he adopted various stage names and aliases, including 8-Off, Don Bishop Agallah, Agallah The Don and more. These transformations reflect his adaptability and willingness to explore different facets of Hip-Hop, demonstrating that he was not bound by convention.

As a solo artist, Agallah released a series of albums and mixtapes that showcased his lyrical prowess and diverse musical influences. Albums such as Wrap Your Lips Around This (1995), You Already Know, and Bo: The Legend of the Water Dragon served as canvases for him to paint his narratives of street life, struggle, and triumph. These projects have the social ratings to prove fans have continually supported his raw, underdog narrative.

Continued Impact

Agallah lives. He has remained an active force in Hip-Hop, and recently rebranded his ever-evolving persona under the name Agasaki Lo. Constantly pushing boundaries, experimenting and a relentless work ethic has extended his mystical, musical life when it could have fallen completely off.

In the world of Hip-Hop, Agallah Don Bishop is a force whose impact is tough to measure. His journey from the streets of Brownsville to becoming a producer, rapper, and songwriter reflects his unwavering commitment to the culture. Agallah’s legacy -regardless of the name he’s using – is firmly cemented in rap history.

Kevin Hart To Receive 2024 Mark Twain Award For Being So Hilarious

Kevin Hart is set to receive the 25th Mark Twain Prize for American Humour next March.

It was announced that the comedian will be awarded the Mark Twain Prize for lifetime achievement in American humor by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

“I’ve been doing comedy since the inception of this award 25 years ago,” Kevin, 44, said in a statement. “To be honored in this commemorative year feels surreal. Comedy is my outlet for social commentary and observations on life – I am grateful to the Kennedy Center for recognizing my voice and impact on culture.”

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Previous honourees of the prestigious award include Tina Fey, Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, David Letterman, and last year’s recipient, Adam Sandler.

Kevin, who began his long-running career as a teenage stand-up comedian, will be presented with the award on March 24 in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall.

“For over three decades, Kevin Hart has been a source of laughter across America and throughout the world with his iconic characters, inimitable physical comedy, and relatable narratives,” Kennedy Center President Deborah F. Rutter stated. “An accomplished writer, producer, actor, and comedian, he has made lasting contributions to the comedic landscape and represents our celebration of American humor at the Kennedy Center.”

Yelawolf Plots Rap Return With “War Story” Double Album: “It’s Me At My Best”

Yelawolf is plotting his return to rap with a forthcoming double album, War Story, a nod to his 2015 Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart-topper, Love Story. The project will serve as the follow-up to 2022’s Sometimes Y, his rock album with Shooter Jennings. Speaking to SPIN, the Nashville-based artist explained how he never really “abandoned” rap like many people assumed; his love for the craft of rhyming is something he could never escape.

“I was so fueled by the rock & roll album that I did with Shooter,” Wolf said. “The Sometimes Y album had such great critical acclaim. And Shooter would make statements like, ‘I think we’ve saved rock & roll,’ and I was like, ‘Whoa, man, that’s a f###ing statement.’ But then it just kind of coasted its way under the radar. And for whatever reason, that’s where it lives. And although we’re very proud of it—we played the Grammy Museum and were in consideration for a Grammy and all that stuff—then it was like crickets.

“I couldn’t get the band together to push it, and I wasn’t going to perform with another band. So me and [DJ] Klever just said, ‘F### it. Let’s just go do a Hip-Hop set.’ So I was just so fueled to rap again. My tank got refilled, so to speak, and it turned out I had a lot to say.”

And that’s evident—the 24-track album is split into two parts: Trunk Musik 4Ever produced by longtime collaborator WLPWR and Michael Wayne produced by Malay. He played the record for an intimate group of people who’d been invited to an early listen at East Iris Studios in Nashville last month.

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Now in his early 40s, Yelawolf has learned a lot on his journey, especially when it comes to the music business. He kicks plenty of jewels throughout the project, specifically on the song “Ticket,” which lives on the Malay side, the more personal of the two.

“This double album is full-on OG, mentoring, artistic MC—it’s me at my best,” he said. “That part honestly is a little scary, because these albums don’t come along very often. The last album I felt like was this sharp was Love Story. I do feel a responsibility to play my part in the culture and to bring other people up. I’m telling them the only way to get to where you want to be is to leave the situation you’re in, no matter what that may mean to some people. If you have a dream, you have to put that first in order to change the destination of your family. And if that means leaving, then you need to do it. Because in the long run, your kids will understand, your family will understand, your friends will understand, and it’s important to not become complacent with your surroundings or your friends.

“If there’s anyone around you who doesn’t understand that work ethic, it’s OK to say, ‘Hey, man, I gotta go, and I’ll catch you around. I got work to do.’ Like today, it’s Halloween, but after this meeting I’m going straight to the studio and working on some features and doing some mix tweaks and stuff like that. Sometimes work just calls and you got a decision to make. Like, ‘Am I going to party and celebrate or am I gonna lock down and work?’ My choice is to lock down and work.”

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That relentless work ethic has carried Yelawolf to staggering heights, including a deal with Shady Records, where he released four albums: Radioactive, Love Story, Trial By Fire and Trunk Muzik III. Since then, he’s steadily established his own brand—figuratively and literally. He founded the company Slumerican in 2012, which has evolved into a merchandising powerhouse and carefully curated independent Hip-Hop label. He’s also the mastermind behind Creek Water Whiskey, an endeavor he launched in 2018—and that’s only a fraction of what he’s juggling.

“I got a lot of irons in the fire,” he told SPIN. “I’m sitting on this record, which honestly feels like I got a rocket in my pocket. If the team behind it does their job with the rollout, I believe that it’s going to be a really impactful record. But all that has yet to be seen. There were songs in my career that I felt like were unappreciated by the staff that was hired to do their job. It can really be out of your hands. Unfortunately as an artist, you have to have an army to put it together.

“But you know, I own Creek Water Whiskey. I own Slumerican clothing and apparel. I own Goldtooth merchandising company. I have the Bible Belt, which is a skateboarding accessory that I created, and that company is about to launch. Diversifying and hustling is kind of just in my DNA. I have a line where I say, ‘I got ‘80s Baby Syndrome/I’m addicted to hustlin’.’ And I’ve always had that. My first hustle when I was eight or nine years old. I used to climb trees and pick mistletoe, and I would wrap them in red bows and sit out front of Longhorn, where my mama worked, and slang mistletoe for Christmas. I’d be pulling a wagon around the neighborhood and washing cars so I could buy myself a bike, just always finding my own hustle.”

War Story is expected to arrive next year.

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50 Cent Trolls Meek Mill & Rick Ross’ Low Album Sales Following Sold-Out Arena Show In London

50 Cent has utilized his latest sold-out arena concert in London as an opportunity to take shots at his mortal enemy Rick Ross and his right-hand man Meek Mill.

On Sunday (November 19) the rap mogul posted a video on Twitter recapping the recent G-Unit concert that took place at Wembley Park in London, home to the England National football team. According to the headline on the video, it appears 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Uncle Murda and crew were able to sell more than 31,000 tickets for this particular date, which falls days after the 20th anniversary of G-Unit’s debut album, Beg For Mercy.

Multiple G-Unit members took their own opportunity to troll Rick Ross and Meek Mill throughout the video including 50, who blatantly targeted the pair due to low sales of their recent collab album Too Good To Be True. The album reportedly only moved 35,000 units in its opening week.

“Oh No 31,009 [laughing emojis] you might want to spend some quiet time to strategize and reevaluate,” 50 Cent wrote in part. “LOL LONDON second show SOLD OUT! Newcastle tomorrow night SOLD OUT!”

Uncle Murda also appeared to take a swipe at the low-hanging fruit surrounding the duo’s album in the video, remarking, “Selling more tickets than n####s is selling in albums—WOAH!”

The clip also starts off with a parody instrumental of Ross’ hit song “Superwoman” along with what appears to be the Florida rapper’s trademark “Maybach Music” tag.

Check out the full clip below.

Drake’s “Scary Hours 3” Goes Toe-To-Toe With Dolly Parton & Taylor Swift In Chart Showdown

Drake’s bars on “Red Button” have manifested into reality as both Dolly Parton and Taylor Swift will be competing with Drizzy for the top spot on the upcoming Billboard 200 chart.

According to Hits Daily Double, sales projections for both Parton and Swift’s recent releases are separated by only a couple of thousand units, in comparison to Drake’s deluxe album, For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition. The report shows that at least three releases are projected to sell more than 100,000 units each for the chart appearing during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Of those three releases is Drizzy’s latest effort, which is projected to move between 110,000 to 130,000 units during its fourth week on the set. On the other hand, Swift’s 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is projected to nudge in slightly lower by moving somewhere between 110,000 to 120,000 units. Parton’s star-studded Rockstar album has established itself as the wild card, with a projection of 95,000 to 105,000 units in its opening week. However, Parton may still receive an edge due to potential boosts from organizations such as the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and Cracker Barrel, which can help by offering increased streaming support.

Drake has notched 13 chart-topping albums throughout his career and made history in October after breaking the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) milestone for digital album units with more than 200 million digital album units sold to date.

Revisit the For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition (Scary Hours 3) stream below.

Boosie Badazz Tells Snoop Dogg What To Expect If He Actually Quits Marijuana

Boosie Badazz has weighed in on Snoop Dogg’s claim he’s quitting “smoke” and shared his journey after stopping his own marijuana use.

Snoop Dogg, renowned as a cannabis aficionado, surprised fans when he announced on Instagram his alleged intention to give up smoking. He explained that the decision came after “much consideration & conversation with my family” and requested privacy “during this time.”

Boosie’s decision to quit, on the other hand, was influenced by his probation terms, which required him to wear an ankle monitor and abstain from weed. He noted a significant change in his health and mindset.

“I mean, he [Snoop Dogg] know what he need better than anybody,” Boosie said in a post. “I know you’re gonna gain weight. You’re gonna think better. Since I don’t smoke, I don’t get mad as I used to get mad. I think better. I was smoking an ounce a day. Since I don’t smoke my temper is controlled.”

The scientific community corroborates Boosie Badazz’s experiences.

Studies have shown that cessation from long-term and regular cannabis helps with memory, improved breathing, a healthier respiratory and cardiovascular system and a more positive, balanced mood.

Boosie’s transformation reflects the broader impacts of quitting marijuana, underscoring the benefits of a difficult but rewarding journey.

Snoop briefly quit smoking weed in 2016 to improve his performance as a youth football coach, motivated by a comment from one of his players.

Ice-T Names Most Iconic Opening Rap Line Ever

Ice-T is credited as one of the forefathers of gangsta rap, producing several albums that put the genre on the map. From 1987’s Rhyme Pays and 1991’s O.G. Original Gangster to his most recent work with Body Count, the prolific rapper/actor has penned some of the most hardcore lyrics the music community has ever heard.

In fact, Body Count’s controversial 1992 single “Cop Killer” caught the attention of then-President of the United States George H. W. Bush as well as Vice President Dan Quayle. Shortly after its release, CLEAT (Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas) called for a boycott of all Time Warner products in order to secure the removal of the song and album from stores. Just a week later, they were joined by police organizations across the U.S. Senators Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Lloyd Bentsen and Al D’Amato protested Warner Bros. Records’s release of the song by cancelling their planned cameo appearances in the 1993 Warner Bros. Pictures political film Dave.

Dennis R. Martin (Former President, National Association of Chiefs of Police) argued,” The misuse of the First Amendment is graphically illustrated in Time Warner’s attempt to insert into the mainstream culture the vile and dangerous lyrics of the Ice-T song entitled ‘Cop Killer.’ The Body Count album containing ‘Cop Killer’ was shipped throughout the United States in miniature body bags. Only days before distribution of the album was voluntarily suspended, Time Warner flooded the record market with a half million copies. The ‘Cop Killer’ song has been implicated in at least two shooting incidents and has inflamed racial tensions in cities across the country.

“Those who work closely with the families and friends of slain officers volunteering for the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum are outraged by the message of ‘Cop Killer.’ It is an affront to the officers—144 in 1992 alone—who have been killed in the line of duty while the police was upholding the laws of our society and protecting all its citizens.”

Needless to say, Ice-T knows how to ruffle some feathers. So it comes as no surprise he names one of his own lyrics as the most iconic opening rap line. A poll going around on Twitter (X) over the weekend posed that very question: “What is the most iconic opening rap line ever?” Ice-T retweeted the question and wrote: “6 in the mornin’ police at my door.” It’s a line taken from his seminal hit, “6 ‘N The Morning” off the aforementioned Rhyme Pays album.

The song, considered one of gangsta rap’s defining tracks, tells the tale of Ice-T’s house getting raided due to illicit street activities. After he escapes out of a back window, the “self-made monster of the city streets remotely controlled by hard hip hop beats,” reflects, “Just livin’ in the city is a serious task/Didn’t know what the cops wanted/Didn’t have the time to ask.”

“Midnight,” from O.G. Original Gangster, serves as a prequel to “6 N The Mornin’.” It ends with “looked at my watch, it was six in the morning,” while  “6 ‘N The Mornin'” opens with “Six in the morning, police at my door.” Revisit it below.


Issa Rae Says She Was Devastated After She Lost Passion Project To Hollywood Strike

Issa Rae has revealed that she lost a project amid the SAG-AFTRA strike.

During an interview with Marie Claire for the Power Issue, she revealed how the recent actors’ strike impacted her career as an actress, writer and producer.

“The strike was devastating,” Issa said candidly. “I’ve been building (a project) for five years and now it’s gone.”

The actress continued, “On the (entertainment) business side, we lost some employees. That really, really sucks. But this industry is changing so much.”

The SAG-AFTRA strike, which began on July 14, ended on November 9 after the union approved a tentative agreement with Hollywood studios.

Elsewhere in the interview, the 38-year-old stated that she is trying to adapt to the constantly changing dynamics of the entertainment industry.

“For me, it’s like, ‘Okay, but what now?’ I know that executives and networks aren’t going to be as receptive as they were to Black-focused content,” Issa explained. “I’m not pivoting, but I’m just trying to be more strategic in terms of the stories that I tell and maximizing our impact.”

“I only have a foresight of what isn’t going to be,” the “Insecure” star noted. “There’s certain things that I want to take advantage of outside of the industry just because I feel like (the industry) doesn’t know what it wants to be, it’s in flux. And there are no innovators anymore… I want to be able to have control of my own destiny.”

Issa, real name Jo-Issa Rae Diop, also discussed her role as a “storyteller.”

“I’m a storyteller at the end of the day and if there is a story bursting out of me, somebody’s going to hear it,” she stated. “I’m fortunate enough to be able to have a platform where they mostly can. And I like the challenge of getting an audience invested in a story.”

Pardison Fontaine Trashes Megan Thee Stallion In “THEE PERSON” Diss Track, Includes Dead Mom

Pardison Fontaine just dropped a scathing diss track aimed at his ex-girlfriend, Megan Thee Stallion, in response to allegations of infidelity she made in her song “Cobra.”

The accusation led to Fontaine’s musical counterattack with “THEE PERSON,” where he directly addresses Megan Thee Stallion, challenging her allegations and reflecting on the end of their relationship.

The roots of this conflict lay in the release of Megan’s “Cobra,” where she accuses an unnamed ex of cheating in a strikingly personal manner.

The lyric, “Pulled up, caught him cheatin’, gettin’ his dick sucked in the same spot I’m sleepin’,” suggests a deep betrayal, igniting speculation among fans about Pardison’s role in the narrative.

Countering these claims, Pardison Fontaine’s “THEE PERSON” paints a different picture of their relationship. He mentions Megan’s past associations and implies she might have been untruthful about her romantic history.

Pardison Fontaine dropped some strong bars aimed at Megan Thee Stallion, mentioning her dead mother, while claiming that his ex-lover had liposuction and was lying to her fans by posting gym pictures and talking about her workout routine. 

I asked you to your face did you f### them n####s/And you swore on your mother/I knew from then, I couldn’t trust her/More lies from the lips of a lover,” Paridson Fontaine raps.

Be for real/you ain’t even realistic/Got lipo then you started posting gym pics/The things that you’re doing is sadistic/Spent four hours doin’ glam, not a blemish/But your foundation is off, you need to fix it/Clean up your spirit and not just your image,” he spits in another barbed bar.

The song appears to be Fontaine’s way of sharing his perspective on their breakup and the accusations against him. He suggests Megan Thee Stallion was seeking attention and clicks and said he hoped she gets “the help” she needs.

The relationship between Megan Thee Stallion and Pardison Fontaine began in October 2020 and turned public in February 2021. Once a celebrated part of rap culture, their connection has now devolved into the pair trading subliminal disses.

The new rap contrasts his last lyrics dedicated to Megan, which came as a poem during a performance at Da Poetry Lounge in Los Angeles in May 2023. 

In that performance, the then love-struck Pardi gushed: 

You’re a survivor but not a victim/somewhere in between God forgive him and I gotta get him/That’s why you don’t ever let these b###### get you out your rhythm.”

So far, Megan has yet to reply to the diss track, which is the first single from Pardison Fontaine’s upcoming mixtape, Ex T8pe, which will drop on December 12.

“That’s crazy cause she didn’t mention names at all… this just goes to show a hit dog gonna holla… this wild,” one user exclaimed, while another person said, “she didn’t say in her house or bed, she said, in the spot that she slept in; her pen is definitely better.”

Timbaland’s Transformation Continues With Hair Transplant: See Before & After Pictures

Timbaland has undergone quite a remarkable transformation over the past few years. Not only has he dropped a significant amount of weight and added muscle, he’s also changed his entire diet and kicked a gnarly pill addiction. Now, the illustrious producer is showing off his latest upgrade—a hair transplant. The journey appeared to begin around September, when he visited Dr. Harold “Mr. Edges” Siegel’s Natural Transplant Hair Restoration Clinic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In an Instagram video posted to Siegel’s account, Timbaland reveals why he decided to to enlist Siegel’s team for help. As he explains, “They shut it down just for me. Working out, changing your body, I can put the work in. This one, I have to go get work. It’s no getting around it. I started seeing this just getting lighter, and I’m like, ‘You know what? Let me do it early rather than later.”


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A post shared by Dr. Harold Siegel aka Mr. Edges (@dr_haroldsiegel)

Timbaland appears in a pair of follow-up posts, where he’s seen getting the actual transplant done. In one, Dr. Seigel notes, “My favorite part of the day is connecting with my patients!” According to the clinic’s website, the doctors practice the HUE method or “High-Yield Unit Extraction.”

“This cutting edge procedure was developed by our Chief Medical Director, Dr. Matt Huebner and is exclusively used by the team of doctors at Natural Transplants Hair Restoration Clinics to produce unsurpassed results and maximum density,” it reads. “The concept is simple–to extract and move the MOST hairs possible in a single session. This is achieved by a highly-skilled doctors and highly efficient technicians, meticulously trained to maximize the donor tissue by limiting transected donor hairs.”


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A post shared by Dr. Harold Siegel aka Mr. Edges (@dr_haroldsiegel)


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A post shared by Dr. Harold Siegel aka Mr. Edges (@dr_haroldsiegel)

Timbaland is apparently pleased with the results. On November 18, he shared a photo of his head to his Instagram Stories with his hair looking noticeably fuller. He wrote, “You see @dr_haroldseigel work. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.” He added a couple exploding head emojis for emphasis.

Timbaland opened up about his weight loss journey in 2020 during an interview with Men’s Health. He walked into the gym weighing 350 pounds but has since lost more than 100. He said, “God has me under construction, which I’m still under. I don’t feel like I’m complete. I don’t want to ever feel like I’m complete, ’cause my mind would probably get idle. God needed me to be clear so I could see what is needed, not what I want.”

Check out the photo below.

Jay-Z Explains How His 6th Grade Teacher Impacted His Life

Jay-Z has reflected on his school days.

In a CBS interview with Gayle King, Jay-Z recalled his advanced reading level in primary school.

“Miss Loudon was my sixth-grade teacher. In the sixth grade, I was reading on a 12th-grade level,” remembered the 53-year-old musician. “That excited me. ‘Cause everyone was excited. And Miss Loudon, she was excited. It felt like me riding my bike at 4, the way people reacted to that.”

Jay-Z’s interview highlights the Hip-Hop star’s The Book of Hov exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library, celebrating his three-decade career.

“I think what matters most, today, is being a beacon and helping out… my culture,” the hitmaker shared in an earlier trailer. “Like making music earlier was, like, my first love… And I think now, you know, the idea of, of taking that platform and, you know, reproducing it for others or doing something like Reform (Alliance, Jay’s non-profit)… I think I derive the most joy from that.”

Kim Kardashian Remembers Father Pulling Her Out Of School To Watch O.J. Simpson Trial

Kim Kardashian, an aspiring lawyer, recalled being pulled out of school to watch the O.J. Simpson trial.

Her father Robert Kardashian, who was best known for representing O.J. Simpson in the 1995 murder trial, passed away after a short battle with oesophageal cancer.

“My dad pulled Kourtney and me out of school,” the SKIMS founder remembered in an interview with GQ. “He said, ‘I want you girls to witness a piece of history and what a trial is like.’ We walked in and saw my mom sitting on the other side. She said, ‘You’re supposed to be in school. What are you doing here?’ Kourtney and I didn’t even look at her.”

“That was really tough for our family,” Kim continued of the trial, noting that her father was a friend of O.J.’s, while her mother, Kris Jenner, had been a friend of Nicole Brown Simpson, whom O.J. had been accused of murdering.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kim Kardashian recalled one of the final conversations she had with her father before he died.

The reality star has recalled that her dad instructed her to “take care” of their family before he passed away aged 59 in September 2003.

“I know you’re going to be okay,” Kim recalled her father telling her. “It’s almost like I can see ahead. I know you’re going to be okay, but just take care of your siblings for me. Just make sure you take care of them.”

Kim shared that Robert’s words had changed her outlook on life.

“I took what he said to mean that I was going to be okay in life,” she told the publication. “But it made me make decisions differently.”

Robert and Kris, who share children Kourtney, Kim, Khloé and Rob, tied the knot in 1978 but divorced in 1991. Kris then went on to marry Caitlyn Jenner later the same year.

Leonardo DiCaprio Busts A Rap, Revealing His Love For Classic Hip-Hop

Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed his current taste in music.

The “Killers of the Flower Moon” star celebrated his 49th birthday last weekend with a star-studded Beverly Hills bash attended by Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, JAY-Z, Beyoncé and many others.

In a video of the party Leonardo DiCaprio was seen dancing to a Hip-Hop song, before grabbing a microphone to rap along to the track.

Addressing his party antics in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he admitted, “That is true.”

The actor shared that he’s looking forward to his next milestone birthday before revealing his eclectic music tastes.

“Got to always think about 50,” he said. “But you know what, I have a range of musical love that goes back to our stuff from the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s with jazz and blues and things of that nature. And then hip-hop, too.”

Elsewhere in the interview, DiCaprio praised his “Killers of the Flower” Moon collaborators – director Martin Scorsese and veteran actor Robert De Niro.

“It’s hard to articulate in a short time other than saying he’s been very much a cinematic father figure to me, much like Mr. De Niro has,” the actor told the outlet. “I’ve looked up to them as the great duo of my generation as far as cinematic achievements are concerned.”

Since its release on October 20, “Killers of the Flower Moon” has grossed over $120 million at the global box office.