Attack On Freddie Gibbs Caught On Video: Watch 

Freddie Gibbs

Footage has emerged of the apparent attack on Freddie Gibbs on Saturday in Buffalo ahead of his scheduled performance in the city.

Freddie Gibbs reportedly got into an altercation in Buffalo at the weekend and was rumored to have had his chain snatched during the fight. 

As AllHipHop reported, whispers of an alleged beatdown began at the weekend, which was confirmed after Freddie Gibbs came out and spoke on the attack. He indicated about 20 people were involved, and now, footage has emerged of the alleged beat down. 

Furthermore, DJ Akademiks claims to have confirmation that the rapper’s chain was taken during the altercation. “Got confirmation that Freddie Gibbs chain is currently on a Greasy Neck Tour… Tour Dates coming soon.” he tweeted on Monday evening (May 16). “Its Going .. Hood to Hood.. Block to Block.. City to City,” he added. 

He also shared a video of the fight, which reportedly took place at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Buffalo on Saturday. 

“FREDDIE GIBBS GOT SUM SKRAIGHTENING,” he wrote. “VIDEO OF HIM GETTIN EARTH WIND AND FIRE OUTTA HIM. @FreddieGibbs care to comment?” he questioned.  

The video shows Freddie Gibbs, wearing a green shirt and light-colored shorts getting hands and feet put on him during a massive brawl. The person recording the video is heard saying “Welcome to Buffalo,” amid the chaos. Check out the video, first shared by TMZ, below. 

Although the rumor mill has suggested Benny the Butcher , was involved in the brawl (the pair have been involved in an online war of words) the Griselda rapper was reportedly out of town. However, further speculation mentions Benny’s Black Soprano Family as being involved.  

Despite the attack, Freddie Gibbs performed in Buffalo as scheduled, wearing a ski mask to partially cover his bruised face. Check out the images below.  

Freddie Gibbs Responds

While DJ Akademiks claims his chain was taken, Freddie Gibbs denied it and posted pictures as proof he still had it.  

Additionally, his girlfriend shared a video of Gibbs in a jewelry store, further refuting the claim.  

“Produce the stolen rabbit 😂🐰😂 y’all believe anything on the internet @FreddieGibbs.”