Fat Joe & Uncle Luke Go Head-To-Head Over Trick Daddy, Pitbull, DJ Khaled Claims

The ordeal started on Friday (December 9) when the 2 Live Crew legend stumbled across a video of Joe’s appearance on the “My Expert Opinion” podcast from May.

Fat Joe and Uncle Luke finally got the chance to confront each other over their recent claims involving Trick Daddy, Pitbull and DJ Khaled. The ordeal started on Friday (December 9) when the 2 Live Crew legend stumbled across a video of Fat Joe’s appearance on the My Expert Opinion podcast from May. Uncle Luke disputed Fat Joe’s comments he was responsible for getting Trick Daddy, Pitbull and DJ Khaled signed.

Fat Joe fired back and insisted “Fat Joe doesn’t lie.” At the same time, he suggested Uncle Luke had blocked him on Instagram, so he was unable to make his case. But the two rap heavyweights ultimately confronted each other on Instagram Live and hashed out their differences.

“I’ve been 20 years in Miami, never had one argument with anybody […] I told you, Luke discovered Miami,” he said. “Luke is an icon, a living legend. He created the sound of Miami. He put everybody on.”

He then continued to re-hash his previous story about taking Trick Daddy’s demo to Atlantic Records and told Luke, “I know you discovered Trick, I know you discovered Pitbull—I never said I discovered them.”

Luke, who’d been patiently waiting for Fat Joe to finish, finally had a second to respond and reflected positively on their long friendship.

“We got history, we got too much love, that’s why I was kind of taken aback,” he said. “When I got Pit, it was because there was Big Pun and Fat Joe, these Puerto Rican artists doing big numbers and s###.”

Luke’s audio, however, was only working intermittently so it was difficult to discern what he was attempting to say. He did admit he got burned out on the music business and took a step back. Ultimately though, Uncle Luke determined, “Both of us are right in this situation.”

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Fat Joe’s attitude during his conversation with Uncle Luke was slightly different than when he thought he was blocked, although he did admit he didn’t have anything to do with discovering Trick Daddy.

“Fat Joe don’t lie, and Fat Joe don’t back down from nothing in the universe,” he said in part. “I hope we all know this in love. Now, I said what I said. OK? So, I didn’t put on Trick Daddy. What I did do was I came to Miami, his music was rocking all over the streets. I came to Super Bowl and I took—I had no business, nothing to do with discovering Trick Daddy—I took his CD, his demo, his cassette tape […] I don’t even know if Trick Daddy knows this. Once they get Trick involved, you know, Trick crazy, but he’s my brother and I love Trick.

“Like I said, I live in Miami 20 years, I never had an argument with one single person, so I love Trick Daddy. But I’mma be honest. Maybe Trick Daddy don’t know this, but when I heard his demo, I took it to Atlantic Records that Monday and I went to Craig Kallman’s office […] Out of love for Hip Hop and the culture, I said you need to sign this guy. Fat Joe had nothing to do with paperwork. Fat Joe didn’t put him on. I did it out of love for Hip Hop ‘cause the man was on fire.”

Fat Joe and Uncle Luke are being commended for handling their miscommunication like “grown men.” Watch the full conversation above.