Freddie Gibbs Claims “It’s All Love” With DJ Akademiks & Gunna: “Nobody Gonna Get Hurt” 

Freddie Gibbs appeared on the first episode of the new Paramount+ series Yo! MTV Raps hosted by Conceited and DJ Diamond Kuts.

Freddie Gibbs has had more than his fair share of troubles with other rappers, some of which resulted in altercations that went viral.  

After getting involved in brawls and challenging his rivals to a celebrity boxing match, the rapper says, “it’s all love.” The “Scottie Beam” hitmaker rapper discussed his online beefs during an appearance on the new Paramount+ series Yo! MTV Raps. Freddie Gibbs will be the first guest on the show when it returns to screens today (May 24). 

The show is hosted by Conceited and DJ Diamond Kuts, who asked the rapper about his beef, including his issues with Akademiks and Gunna. However, he says it was all talk, and no one was going to get hurt.  

Freddie Gibbs Says “I Love DJ Akademiks”

“I like it that way, it gotta be that way,” Gibbs said. “I’m from Gary and s### I gotta represent for them and you punking me, you punking Gary. I love DJ Akademiks, I like Gunna, I be bumping his s###. I like that s###, ‘I can’t f### with Freddie Gibbs,’ that’s my s###.  

However, according to TMZ, Freddie Gibbs made his comments before he got beaten up and allegedly had his chain snatched in Buffalo earlier this month. 

“I know these n-ggas is not me,” he added. “I’m something different, and that’s cool. It’s all love. We just leave it at that. We different n-ggas, ain’t nobody gonna get hurt ain’t nobody gonna punch nobody ain’t no nobody gonna shoot nobody.” 

Following the incident in Buffalo, Akademiks taunted Freddie Gibbs, claiming he was robbed of his chain. “Got confirmation that Freddie Gibbs chain is currently on a Greasy Neck Tour… Tour Dates coming soon.” he tweeted on May 16. “Its Going .. Hood to Hood.. Block to Block.. City to City,” he added. However, the rapper’s girlfriend posted a video where he refuted the claims.