Soulja Boy Claims He Can’t Pay Damages After Losing Lawsuit, But His Ex-GF Calls BS

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy wants a judge to throw damages awarded to his ex-girlfriend, who successfully sued him for abuse.

Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend urged a California judge to uphold the damages she won in a lawsuit against him.

According to Radar Online, Kayla Myers disputed Soulja Boy’s arguments for dismissing the damages in the case. The rapper claimed he cannot pay the amount awarded to Myers by a jury.

Myers sued Soulja Boy for assaulting her at a 2019 house party in Malibu. She accused her ex-boyfriend of kicking, punching and pistol-whipping her. Myers said Soulja Boy told an associate to tie her up and hold her in a garage for hours. The person ordered to watch Myers allegedly sexually assaulted her while she was held captive.

A jury sided with Myers at a trial in April. Jurors awarded her roughly $236,000 in damages and an additional $236,000 in punitive damages.

Judge Mark Epstein opened the door for reconsidering the punitive damages in June. He questioned if the jury had enough information due to the lack of evidence regarding Soulja Boy’s finances.

Soulja Boy disclosed his finances after losing the lawsuit. He revealed he owes $1 million to the IRS.

The Atlanta-bred rapper insisted he could not pay the damages and back taxes even if he liquidated his assets.

Myers disagreed, noting how her ex continues to live lavishly. She argued he can liquidate two of his vehicles and “clear out the whole judgment entirely.” Myers pointed out how such a move would allow him to keep the rest of his assets — including two other vehicles — and continue paying the $25,000 per month to live in a mansion.

Both sides await the judge’s decision.