Saucy Santana Vs. Akademiks Might Just Be The Fight Of The Century

Akademiks and Saucy Santana

As the Diddy and Yung Miami relationship drama continues to spill out on social media, Twitter is ablaze with hot takes and furious debates.

In the words of Bubba Sparxx, “It’s getting ugly.” 

As the Diddy and Yung Miami relationship drama continues to spill out on social media, Twitter is ablaze with hot takes and furious debates. But nobody (nobody) could’ve predicted a war would be waged between rap’s resident diva Saucy Santana and certified keyboard gangster Akademiks. Par for the course, Akademiks took his dogmatic thoughts to Twitch where he addressed a tweet from Saucy Santana—Yung Miami’s purported bestie—that read: “That’s the thing. You NEVER see that n-gga!!! We outside tho!!!”

Akademiks replied, “I beg for you to try to say I’m not outside ‘cause I will be, and I beg for you to try to step to me. Remember, you a n-gga. You a n-gga.”

After apparently missing Akademiks’ original comments, once Saucy Santana landed in Los Angeles, he was ready with a sassy rebuttal. He wrote: “I just landed in LA! You a twitch b####! At home in a room full of corn chips! Screaming & spitting in a mic. Taking yo aggression out on woman cuz we know u don’t get no p####!!! Dick beater. I know imma MAN everyday when I wake up…that still ain’t gon make u do s###.”

He continued: “N-gga mad cuz he wanna be a city girl. Fat ass lil boy sitting in his room w/ low self esteem. Screaming & beating his chest tryna make a girl feel bad. Wanna be Wendy Williams ass n-gga! Leave the G### some sugar left for our tank!”

Of course, Twitter blew up with reactions to the potential throwdown just as Saucy Santana took it up a notch, begging Akademiks to try him. He added: “B#### ass n-gga even if u was a blogger you dragging it. Like you want a n-gga to buy you a wig or get u pregnant or sumn. Loser ass n-ggas. Come outside!

“Macadamia NUTS gotta come off the porch or S###!!!”

Akademiks, who has a tendency to put himself in the middle of any contentious argument from the comfort of his Twitch chair, called Yung Miami one of Diddy’s “side chicks” earlier this week, which evidently didn’t sit right with the City Girl. The two started going back and forth on Twitter until Akademiks accused her of having a “mental breakdown” over the news Diddy fathered a new baby with another woman.

It got so bad, the Bad Boy mogul stepped in and seemed to suggest he was ready and willing to confront Akademiks over his remarks. While that remains to be seen, an actual physical altercation between Saucy Santana and Akademiks could quite possibly become the fight of the century—at least, that’s what Twitter is saying. Check out some of the reactions below, while we turn up the volume on “Bop Bop.”