Fat Joe Shares Concerns Over Rick Ross And DJ Envy Beef: “I Don’t Like It Where It’s Going” 

Rick Ross and DJ Envy are beefing over their upcoming car shows, but Fat Joe says they are “beautiful people” who should stop beefing.

Fat Joe has seen the car show beef brewing between Rick Ross and DJ Envy, and he’s not impressed. 

The pair are feuding over their competing car shows, and while the beef began with friendly barbs, tensions have escalated. Both the radio host and the Maybach Music founder have shows in the upcoming weeks.  

DJ Envy is preparing for his “Drive Your Dreams” car show on May 28 in Memphis, with a second show in Houston on June 18, while Rick Ross is hosting his at his “Promised Land” megamansion on June 3.  

The pair have taken numerous shots at each other in an online war of words that has seen DJ Envy fat-shaming Rozay while Rick Ross dragged Envy’s relatives into the drama.  

The Terror Squad leader caught wind of the escalating tensions and has weighed in to share his concerns over the feud. According to Fat Joe, Rick Ross and DJ Envy are “beautiful people” who need to quit beefing.  

He took to Instagram Live Tuesday (May 23) to offer his take. “Don’t like what’s going on with Rick Ross and DJ Envy,” Fat Joe declared. “Don’t like it. I love ’em both. Beautiful men in their own right, successful, do their thing. I don’t like where it’s going.” 

While Fat Joe acknowledged his own past beef, he doesn’t want the pair at odds with each other. “I know I’ve had my share of beefing with people,” he added, “but I don’t like it because they’re both beautiful, beautiful people.”  

Check out the clip below or click here to watch the Instagram Live. 

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Earlier this week, DJ Envy dressed in a correction officer uniform while mocking Rick Ross. Rozay then fired back by offering Envy’s father a job working for him.